What Others are Saying ...

“I have been a Christian for many years and in active ministry service most of my adult life ... but being part of the Spiritual Formation program has stretched my mind and heart wide open ... there is more room for God than ever before.”



“I thoroughly enjoy the community of those who are seeking after God in a deeper way. The readings, the retreats, and the discipline of focusing on contemplative prayer have all drawn me closer to the Lord.”


“All spiritual disciplines are always to draw us into intimacy with Christ,” were words spoken at our first CFDM retreat. This concept certainly isn’t new to me; but through my participation in “Going Deeper with God”, I’ve been able to move my thinking about this concept deeper into my heart.”



“For me, CFDM was a “Godsend” in the full meaning of the expression. God has used the program as one of the ways in which to show me so much more about what it means to go deeper with Him in the Spiritual Journey. I am truly thankful to have had the opportunity to be in this very special program that genuinely nurtures the soul.”


“I have to say that my year in the spiritual formation program was a year full of growth in my relationship with the trinity.....it was like drinking from a well of water I had never tasted before.”



“Being part of the Spiritual Formation program challenged who I thought I was, and who I thought God was. God has used this experience to profoundly change and deepen my life.”