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“You will seek me and find me,
when you seek me with all your heart"
— Jeremiah 29:13

Going Deeper With God

Going Deeper with God
Formation 1, 2018-2019

Life with Jesus is often thought of as a life of learning to live well in all our relationships and all our deeds. While this is true, the even greater essence of our life with God is our knowledge and experience of God himself. Many feel they are losing the relationship with the One who makes the journey possible. In our effort to revive our souls, we exhaust ourselves in church work, social services and even studying theology. Yet we still feel empty and often ask, “Is this all there is to a relationship with God?”

The Spiritual Formation programs of CFDM speak to this question. As we learn to deepen our awareness of God in our lives we find that paying attention changes our view of God and ourselves. Being present to God in stillness develops the deep relationship with God that we all long for. We realize it is not all about us, but about the Spirit’s activity in and around us as we engage our hearts in stillness before God. And so, “Going Deeper with God” happens. As God says in Isaiah, “In returning and rest you shall be saved; in quietness and in trust shall be your strength.”(30:15) If this interests you, please consider joining us in this year of spiritual formation.

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Going Deeper With God

Deeper Yet.
... “Conformed to the Image
of Christ for the Sake of Others”
Formation 2, 2017-18


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