Spiritual Direction Program

Spiritual Direction Certificate Program

3 Years; 1 for Discernment which begins September 2019 (see below) then 2 years for the Certificate Program beginning in September 2020-May 2022

Listening for God

Listening for God

We believe that meeting with another Christian brother or sister on a regular basis to attend to/pay attention to the present activity and prayer going on within your heart and soul is a spiritual discipline that grows the roots of our faith. Eugene Peterson, author, theologian, and pastor, describes well the discipline of spiritual direction, “It is teaching people to pray, to discern the presence of grace in events and feelings, affirming the presence of God at the heart of life, sharing a search for light through a dark passage, guiding the formation of a self-understanding that is biblically spiritual instead of merely psychological or sociological.” He goes on to say, “It is ‘space to explore the everyday ordinariness for the presence of God and workings of grace,’ precisely at those times when ‘nothing seems to be happening.’”

CFDM will be offering a 3 year certificate program to help equip others in their call to this ministry of spiritual direction, beginning in the Fall of 2019. It begins with a 9 month discernment process (see below) around their sense of call to the program. This process will be assisted by the faculty of the Spiritual Direction Program, Rev. Terry Tripp and Margie Van Duzer, DMIN.

The 2018-2020 cohort is already chosen and in process.  Dates for the 2020-2022 are listed below.


Two Year Training 2020-2022 — Conference Style Presentations:


Conference One: Sept. 18-20, 2020
Foundations for Contemplative Spiritual Direction

Conference Two: Feb. 3-6, 2021
Foundations for Discernment and Theology of Spiritual Direction

Conference Three: May 21-22, 2021
Prayer in the Context of Spiritual Direction

Conference Four: Sept. 17-18, 2021
Discernment Models

Conference Five: Feb. 2-5, 2022
The Director and Direction in Context, Culture and Community

Conference Six: May 20-21, 2020
Where do we go from here?


Upon your acceptance, you can expect to spend anywhere from 15-20 hours a month, plus attending the conferences, to complete the program. These hours include: reading 5-6 books before each conference, writing a paper devoted to integrating the reading with the presentations at the conferences, your work with directees and monthly supervision. The cost for the two year certificate program is $4,200, which can be paid in 6 installments; each before one of the conferences.


A Description of the Year of Discernment Preceding the Two Year Certificate Program in Spiritual Direction

The next Year of Discernment begins September, 2019 – contact Rev. Terry Tripp, Director for more information

The goal of the discernment year before entering our two year certificate program in spiritual direction is to help you be able to articulate your discernment process and readiness to serve as a spiritual director back in your faith community. The cost for this year of discernment is $300 — non-refundable once you've started the year.

It is our hope that the following requirements surrounding this discernment process will guide you in the nine months between September 2019 and May 2020.

1. You must be in individual spiritual direction yourself for these nine months.

2. Let Terry Tripp know of your interest in this period of discernment by September 1, 2019.

3. Meeting with faculty in two ways.

A) Meet with the faculty of the program on Sept. 28, 2019 for a meet and greet time to answer questions and help you understand what is expected in this year of discernment.    

B) Meet with a faculty member one on one at least two more times before June of 2020.

4. Read 2 books during this time: Jeanette Bakke’s Holy Invitations and Tilden Edwards’ Director Companion — Guide to Tending the Soul

5. You must be at least 35 years old before applying to the Guidance Program

The application to the program at the end of the nine months discernment period is a summary paper of 5-7 pages in length (double spaced) addressing the following issues as they pertain to your journey of discernment:

1. Describe what discernment is, from your perspective, and describe the process of discernment surrounding your desire and giftedness in spiritual direction ministry.

2. Two referrals: one from your spiritual director and another from your faith community who believe you are ready for this program (include their contact information).

3. In your engagement with the two books that were required reading during this year, what in either or both was helpful in increasing your understanding of spiritual direction?

4. Given the reading and where you are now, describe what spiritual direction is from your point of view.

This paper is due by the end of June.

For questions and enquiries please contact Terry at ttrippville@comcast.net or Becce at beccebettridge@gmail.com.