Continuing Education Opportunities


• Contemplative Creativity

Play-filled experiences to nourish and refresh your soul. Finding ways to enhance your spiritual direction ministry.

Workshop held March 2017.

• The Role of Dream Work in Spiritual Direction

Was the dream I had last night the result of late night spicy chicken wings or is God trying to get my attention?

One of the foundational precepts of spiritual direction is that God chooses to communicate with each of us. And second, as we learn to pay closer attention to the variety of ways God “speaks” to us, we can experience our Lord’s love and guidance in a very personal way. Dreams can be honest and reliable messengers of the condition of our heart (Psalm 16:7), as well as the voice of God within our heart (Psalm 17:3). A close consideration of the symbolic language used in our dreams can show up areas in our lives in which God is inviting us to grow.

Workshop held October 2016.


• Creativity and the Arts in Spiritual Direction

Whether we know ourselves to be creative or honestly shudder at the notion, our loving God thought of us by filling the universe to overflowing with expressions of Divine creativity so that we can better know who is this God who desires nothing more than to offer us unending love. Creation points us to the Creator. By nurturing our own attentiveness, we begin to notice our hearts opening in new ways so that we can better attune to, explore and grow within this pathway to God.

Workshop held April, 2016. (We'll bring it back in the future)


• The Enneagram Revisited

This 4 hour workshop is for those who have some prior knowledge of the enneagram and who would like to learn more about how to use it as a tool for personal development. We will focus on the levels of development within the enneagram system as well as look at how the virtues help us to grow and develop into our truer self. Please have some familiarity with the enneagram by reading at least one enneagram book on the 9 types. It is not necessary to know your type but it is helpful to have an idea of what type(s) you identify with. A good book to read prior to the workshop is The Enneagram Made Easy by Renee Baron and Elizabeth Wagele if you don’t already have a book.

Workshop held October 10, 2015. (We'll bring it back in the future)