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Going Deeper with God

Going Deeper With God

"We are what God has made us,
created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand to
be our way of life."
— Ephesians 2:10

Christian Spiritual Formation Certificate Program


Christian spiritual formation comes from God’s transforming power available to all Christians. However, the transformed life does not come by accident or by chance. To be formed in Christ and have Christ formed within us is clearly a gift of God. Yet there are practices, disciplines and ways of being that enable us to see, hear, and respond to God. We become transformed through God’s invitations, convictions and guiding Word.

Genuine spiritual formation is the great reversal of the negative formation of our culture.

Genuine spiritual formation reverses our role as “controller” (who acts to bring about desired results in our life) to being the object of the loving purposes of God.

Genuine spiritual formation reverses our habitual expectation of gratification to a posture of patient, opened surrender to our loving God and his work in the world.

Genuine spiritual formation brings about a radical shift from being our own production to being God’s workmanship.

Robert Mulholland, “Shaped By the Word”



Going Deeper with God.

The Christian Formation program is nine months long. It includes eleven retreat days; nine at the Falls Creek Retreat Center in Raymond and two in-town, one day retreat/seminars. In addition, groups meet for a 2-hour smaller group session in Oct, Feb and April. Dec, optional. Location is determined by each group.

You will be assigned readings, two reflection papers, and on-going mentoring within a growing Christian community. This will take place in the context of ongoing group spiritual direction during the nine-month period, facilitated by a trained spiritual director. Much of the time together at retreats and seminars will be focused upon spiritual formation and the spiritual practices. At each retreat, participants will be given readings, an invitation to a new spiritual practice and time alone with God. The teaching segments will be interactive; group and guided experiences will play a major role.


The following topics and others will be covered.

• What is Spiritual Formation? The role of spiritual practices/disciplines. The discipline of reading God’s Word. Worship, Prayer

• Prayer, Reflection, and Discernment

• Sabbath, Solitude, Silence

• Surrender and Prayer

• Simplicity, Contemplation and Action

• Service and Calling, Celebration, and Community


Sept 13-15 Falls Creek Retreat Center - Raymond, WA
Nov 10 St. Mary's By the Lake - Bellevue, WA
Jan 10-12 Falls Creek Retreat Center - Raymond, WA
Mar 16 St. Mary's By the Lake - Bellevue, WA
May 9-11 Falls Creek Retreat Center - Raymond, WA

Tuition will be $2200

Scholarships available based on family income.


Acceptance into this program requires that you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, are a member and attend a Christian church, complete the application process and have someone who knows your walk with God complete a recommendation form. This process includes an application form (see below). There is a $35 application fee.

Only 16 people will be accepted in the CFDM Spiritual Formation program for 2018 - 19. Applications will be received beginning March, 2018 until all the spaces are filled. If you are accepted and want to hold your place, a $100 deposit (non-refundable) is required.









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